3D Warehouse not working for my Sketchup Desktop 2017

I just re downloaded Sketchup Make Desktop 2017 after not being able to use it for a while, and for some reason the 3D warehouse isn’t working. When I want to download a model, it doesn’t download at all. What’s going on? Is there a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Please help…

As of a few months ago the 3D Warehouse no longer supports Sketchup 2018 or earlier. You may be able to get some components from the 3D Warehouse via the components panel but generally you’ll need to go to the Warehouse through your internet browser and download the Collada file for the component you’re interested in. It’ll come as a zip file. Extract the contents and import the included .dae file using File>Import in Sketchup.

I am honestly so confused and have been trying to figure the Collada file thing out for two days now. How do I get this set up? Do i have to download Collada? I am so so lost. A step by step would be very helpful haha

As I wrote:

  1. Download the Collada file from the 3D Warehouse. It’ll show up in your Downloads folder as a .zip file.
  2. Extract the .dae and folder included in the zip file to somewhere that you can find them.
  3. In SketchUp go to File>Import. Choose the .dae import file type.
  4. Navigate to where you put the .dae file, choose it, click Import. If there are any materials included in the accompanying folder they should be applied to the imported component.
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