No texture on materials

I have created materials from .JPG files which clearly show texture in the create dialog box.
When I try to use the material on a surface no texture shows, just a plain color. This has happened with all the materials I created. I am using SU Make 2017. I had previously used them successfully in SU Make 2016.

Commonly this happens when the model is created at a much larger size than the texture is designed to cover or the material’s size is set too small. Another possibility is that you have the Face Style set to Shaded not Shaded with Textures.

Share the SKP file so we can have a look and help you identify the problem.

Thank you very much. It is so great that you and many others are willing to help us amateur scribblers.

As you noted, I did not have Shaded with Textures selected. I also noticed the problem was happening with native materials so I guessed it had to be some setting and not the created materials.