SketchUp not rendering textures in project

Hi there,

I am new to all this but wonder if you could help.

I have created a project with a few structures and I am unable to add any textures to the planes. The color of the texture applies but you can not actually see the texture. I have created a new project and everything is woking there so it must be something that I have done in the project itself but I can not figure it out.

I have tested on 2 different computers with the same result and also imported one of the structures into a new project via Copy / paste and the issue follows.

I have attached a sample file to help.

Hope somebody can make sense of this :slight_smile:

Sample.skp (125.2 KB)

Reset Scale and scale down by 0.001 (no need to change to metric units!)

Bascis of SketchUp at

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Amazing! thank you for your help. Have been pulling my hair out with this one :slight_smile:



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