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So I am trying to use rocks or water for example and I only get the color in which it is rather than the texture of what makes it water or rocks. Nothing except the base color of whatever I am choosing is represented… Example. I want to make the floor rocks and I get a light brown color instead of the individual rocks, no definition of rocks AT ALL. On Sketchup Make

Either the scale of your object is wrong so the texture is too small to see, or you have the View set to Shaded rather than Shaded with Textures.

how do I check if it is either, I am very new to this, I havent changed anything from the original way it came downloaded

Are you using the Web version or the Desktop version, your profile information is confused, and you have posted in the sketchup category not the sketchup for web category.

So I am using the Desktop version, (just got it and forgot to update it in my profile).

Go View/Face Style and make sure Shaded with Texture is ticked.
If that doesn’t fix it, select an edge and check how long it is in Entity Info in the Default Tray.

So the first method was already checked off so that is good, and my length for a relatively short distance on my screen is ~ 4056975’ 10 1/4" which I am assuming is the problem

I dont know if this helps but I am using the Ft/Inch template

Yes it’s the problem. It is massive so the texture is there but tiny.
Scale it down.

How would I scale down a whole project that I have created, if that is even possible?

Use the Tape measure tool, Measure a known length between to endpoints with it, then type that length you actually want and hit enter, it will ask if you want to resize the model, say yes.

Is there a good common number for like a house, Not too big nor small. Thanks for all your help!

To quote google, for the US. The height of common doors is 6 feet 8 inches.

I will go from there with all this information. Thank you so much man

I’d recommend you spend half an hour or so watching the getting started videos. They will save you a lot of guesswork.

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that would probably be a good idea xD

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