Issue with Textures

Recently many of the textures on my current work has been going from nice beautiful textures to 1 solid colour that closely resembles the texture.

Can you upload an example file so we can take a look?

check that you have not inadvertently changed the styles display, it happens to me from time to timestyles

Have you switched your display to Shaded instead of Shaded with Textures? Or have you started your model with a wrong (too large) model unit? If you use meters while thinking you use millimeters you end up with walls some 3 kilometers high, and if you apply a brick material to that it will be so small that it will show as a solid colour.

These are the most common reasons.

Since you wrote:

I gather that not all of the textures are displaying this way. If some textures are displaying normally but others aren’t, this won’t be a case of inadvertently switching to Shaded from Shaded with Textures. It may have something to do with changing the size of the texture or with inappropriately scaled components or groups. Uploading the file so we can see it will make it easy to identify the problem and get you set right. Without it, we can only speculate.

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