Texture image changes size


Sketchup Make 2014 on Windows 8.1 Pro:
The-Blueprints.com has a tutorial on using blueprint images as material textures. The procedure includes steps for scaling the image prior to saving the image as material. No problem when the image is applied to the front, left, right (flipped horizontal" and top (flipped vertical). I took the extra step of declaring a unique texture upon placement of the texture image for each of the above mentioned surfaces. Now comes the problem, the bottom… The texture image for the bottom is reduced to the original size of the imported image, not the scaled image identified as material for the model. Any attempt to import another copy of the material image and scale it accordingly results in the dimensions of the model being skewed. This in my opinion is a BUG in the product.


Always these nasty bugs that people manage to find.

Can’t you just sample the scaled texture from one face to apply on any other? That would result in having the same scale without hassle.

You can then right click on the textured face and select Texture > Position … in the context menu.


It isn’t a matter of positioning, it’s a matter of texture image size. For top, left, right and front, the scale holds at 2.803:1 (estimated). When I go to position the bottom image, I’m presented with a texture that is substantially smaller than the rest, even though all five textures share a common material image. Due to the complexity of the model, the texture image size is critical. When I attempted to bring in a fresh copy of the blueprint to create a new material, the action of changing the image size for the second copy of the blueprint changed the scale of the model. That leaves the same condition as when I attempted to apply the first material to the bottom surface.


Have you tried sampling? You didn’t say.
The positioning wasn’t about scaling, just the final shifting if needed. The scaling done with Textrure > Position > … makes for a scaling per face texture.
Paint Bucket > Sample the scaled material > paint that on the new face.

b.t.w. a texture can be scaled differently on various faces via Texture > Position >… Leaving the original unscaled. Scaling by editing in 'Entity Info scales all same textured faces in one or both directions (unchained or chained) the same way, by the input you give, to exact dimensions.

It’s a bit like different scaled instances of a component.