Texture Scale

Hi all,

I have just renewed my student version of sketchup - what I had before was Pro and now I have Studio as I’m told this is what they give students now. Everything seems to be the same so far apart from I cannot work out how to scale textures. Everywhere I have looked says select face > right click > texture> position. I don’t have the option of ‘texture’ in the drop down when I click. Also when i go to edit > face >there is no ‘texture’ option in here as usual. Please can someone help?

You have the texture applied on the Group, it is necessary to edit the group and apply the texture on its faces


We have a problem with scale of a texture applied to one group.
The scale of the texture appears diffenrent on the several faces.

anyone who knows a solution ?

Looks like you have painted the material on some faces directly and others are an overall group paint.
If you attach the group someone will check it for you.

no the material was applied on the group in one single time.
Even when we go in to the group and apply then on the faces separately the problem occurs

That isn’t the best way to do it, you should apply to the faces themselves.

Is the group scaled? A material applied to a group or component scales with the object.

Is this a texture you have brought in, I suspect you just aren’t understanding how images are projected when used as materials.
The pattern on the side is most likely the projection of the pattern on the top stretching along the vertical. But without your model to look at we can only guess.