Vray and sketchup material scale doesn't match ( vray next 4 and sketchup 2020)

please help . when i scale texture in sketchup and it fits size :

in vray part of textures stays the scale I want and some not

Check Faces orientation (white outwards and paint).

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I already did ( after resetting each texture manually it goes ok ) but project is to big to check each face individually is there anything else i can do

( in vray 3.4 and sketchup 17 i have never faced such problem )

maybe i just have to change something and everything will go fine

Change to Monochrome and see if you have blue faces visible. Orient them correctly and then apply the paint.

all I want in model scale to match vray scale ))

As I said, change the view to Monochrome and see how faces are oriented. Now, in your picture the style is Shaded With Textures

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u are right my friend <3

but i work in sketchup for 10 years i think so

i have never had issue like that. is there any way to change all faces directions at same time ? or make them allways face camera ?

select every blue face, right click and pick reverse. re-apply textures if needed. It’s better to model without texture, as the default material shows front/back face, fix as you go, And then apply textures

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thank u <3

but its something new i never needed something like that in 3.4

might just have been luck you never had troubles

)))) i’ve been lucky for 10 years tho ))

i made texture double sided and it didnt hepled ( i thougt it woulde be easy way )

thank u friends for solution … humanity make world better place )) bless u

same thing happen ( i added emsive light and texture scale shrinked ) i thing i have something wrong in my new sketchup

can u help me one more time ?

every time texture is 12 times smaller

( maybe its metric to imperial or something like these? )

Did you apply the texture directly to the faces or to the group? Did you scale any of the groups? How do you change the scale of a texture?

I made a face. imported material ( by drag and drop in model ) scaled it to the seize I want , exploded it , added to face ( as a defuse it was ok in interactive render ) as soo n as I added emissive layer ( i just copied bitmap from defuse ) , texture unscaled and became 12 time smaller

First add emissive material after that use texture-position options.

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