Texture Scale in Vray for Sketchup Pro 2023


I am having an issue with Vray in Sketchup. I have created a seamless herringbone floor texture, changed the scale, applied reflection etc. Yet when I save out the Texture in Vray, importing it into another file shrinks the texture back to its original size. Is there any way of keeping the scale when exporting the vray material? Its a complicated (client specfic) texture so it really needs to be kept the same size throughout. Using Vray Version 6.2

TIA! :slight_smile:

Did you create the texture using an image manipulation software like photoshop or a procedural texture in vray?

I created it in Photoshop

Did you scale it with the SketchUp materials pallet?

I did it by right clicking and edit texture. Then scaled it that way.

Before you save it in VRay would might have to ‘make unique texture’ in the SKP panel - but I don’t remember exactly. I also remember doing it by scaling and tweaking the positioning on the face, then making it unique.

I had to do this a year ago for a client with wood exterior and interior reclaimed boards and it took some fussing around to get it right so I could move it between files. I’m traveling now and don’t have access to my main computer so I can open them up to see if there is an easy way to diagnose the issue.

One thing that did help me make it all easier was setting up a SKP file with all my custom materials in it for that client - I would get them rendering how I wanted, then saved the file and import it into any working model for that client.

I had basically rectangles with the materials and then multiple copies of it with different attributes in the VRay panel for glossiness, coat, etc.

I tried making it a Unique Texture before saving out but again keeps shrinking it back to original size. What’s really annoying, is that I saved out the texture at 10% scale, so you’d think just increasing again would be easy - but nope!