Applying Material After Scaling Uses Unscaled Size

So I’ve created a detailed model with a physical size of about 2m x 2m. It had a lot of detail to it so I set my Units to meters and created it 100 times actual size. I’ve heard several people suggest this because SketchUp has problems with very small objects. Everything went fine. I had no problems building the model. I painted all faces either wood grain or basic yellow. Everything was in groups. No components. When painting I painted the faces of each object rather than the group itself.

When I was was finished I added everything to a new group and scaled it down to 0.01%. That worked fine.

The problems began when I tried applying materials to the scaled down model. Materials were sized as if the model were still the original scale. The materials were 1/100th of their size when applied to a face. I tried copying the scaled down version to a brand new model and the problem persisted. When I measure the scaled down model it shows the correct smaller dimensions.

Should I not have added any colours or materials to the larger model before scaling it down?

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ll add that I’m running SketchUp Pro Version 23.0.366 on a Mac Studio running Ventura 13.2.1

If you worked with components you can restart the scale, or explode the groups and group them again. Also you can reduce the size of a material on the materials tray or right click on a flat face where the material is applied, then go to texture, and position, there are four gizmos I think the green one is to rotate and scale the texture, if you click Shift once all the gizmos will turn white and you can deform the texture by grabbing and dragging them to the desired position, then you can use the dropper to copy that face properties and apply it to the rest of the faces. To activate the dropper press B then hold Cmd on Mac or alt on pc and click on the face where the material is applied, release the modifier key to return to the paint bucket.

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