Re-size a material

Sketchup2020: I try to re-size a material under material > edit and unlock the aspect ratio. Then I change the width but automatically the height is changed too, despite the aspect ratio is unlocked. My model is very heavy width more then 100 materials. When entering a new number for the width the computer has to think a couple of seconds then automatically locks the aspect ratio again by itself.
What is going wrong?

Good question. I’m not able to duplicate that here. Can you put the texture into a small .skp file you can upload here to see if we get the same result?

The tiles supposed to be 10 x 20 cm. I use V-ray Next 4.2 and added the bump map too.Mosa-tile-test.skp (1.3 MB)

In this example I found no problems, but the skp-file is very small compared to my original project.

Are you changing the size of the texture in SketchUp or in Vray?

In Sketchup in the fly-out menu Material>edit.

The following doesn’t address the aspect ratio thing but since we can’t seem to duplicate it in another file, I’ll leave it for the moment.

Is your goal to just get the texture to show the tiles at the correct size? If that is the case, how about just importing it at the right size in the first place?

Based on your 10x20 cm tile size, the image should cover an area that is 360 cm wide. I drew a rectangle that wide. Actually I drew a square but the other dimension isn’t important. I used File>Import to import your image as a texture, clicked at the lower left corner and then on the right edge of the rectangle and presto! the tiles are the right size. No need to edit the texture dimensions in the Materials panel at all since the dimensions are correct from the beginning.

Ok Dave, this might be the best way to import this texture. The problem may be caused because the capacity of my pc was used for 99% with the project-file loaded.

Thanks for your help.

Oh my! I suppose you could have some weird behavior then.

Out of curiosity have you been keeping your model clean? That is, are you purging unused stuff regularly? Just maybe your project file doesn’t need to be quite as large as it is.

Back to textures, what I described above is the way I always import textures. I like getting the immediate visual feedback and not having to worry about editing the dimensions in the Materials editor. I frequently import anywhere from 3 to a dozen wood grain images as textures at one sitting. Since the boards for the images are all the same length which I know, I draw a rectangle to that size and copy it as many times as I need. Then just bang through importing the images. I could actually apply all of them to the same rectangle but I like to see them side by side in the model space.