How can I scale a Texture, the flooring is not too scale

Ok I have included the file here I have a texture of the flooring we want too use, when its the wrong scale I need to planks to be approx twice the width.

6m x 4m Floor Covering.skp (540.6 KB)

Thanks in advance again.


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Hi Dan

Thanks for the reply, so am I right in thinking you only have the option to reposition the texture when you have just applied it ? The option to reposition wasn’t there until I reapplied it.

Hi Dan

Sorry No. You can edit it afterwards I think I was just too deep in selection.

if you paint a ‘grouping’ then your outside the geometry’s context then you won’t have a position option…

but if you paint a surface/face and remain/return to the same context, then you do…


Is this what you want, I searched for better plank textures but did not find any thought would be appropriate:(
A little reveal at joint may look better?
6m x 4m Floor Covering-A.skp (1.5 MB)

Check out the video in this as it offers all you need to know. The author is also a SU sage here so it is very straight forward advice.Save it and follow the steps 3 times a week, it will sink in quick.

Hi Guys

Thanks for replies, the video was great, I haven’t been back my design PC yet so haven’t had chance to view the .skp file. But thanks anyway.