Can't edit "In model" materials

I was working on a model, everything was fine and out of the blue the context menu for In model materials stopped working. When I right click on the material within Materials window, SU freezes for a few seconds, Windows says “Not responding”, the whole scene goes black, renders again and unfreezes, but the context menu won’t show. I tried to restart SU, but no luck. Have I added some material that causes the problem? How can I find out the reason or fix the project file?

Your profile states you are using v 14.0 ?

You should update to SketchUp v 14.1 or even better 15.3.

Close Outliner window, and turn off textures while editing materials.

I tried closing Outliner window and editing materials while in wireframe display mode, but it won’t help.

I figured out that Ligne Roset Ruche Bed | 3D Warehouse is the culprit. Since I added this to my project, I can’t edit materials. Even though I deleted the model from my project, deleted the layer it was added to, I can’t edit materials, I can’t purge unused ones. Is there anything wrong with this model?

That model has over 121,000 polygons.

You still need to purge the used component definition.

Like Dan says, the model is huge.
It’s certainly nice to look at as a standalone model.
But in the context of a larger model it’s sure to slow things down.

Be mindful of what you bring into your model.
The 3DWH displays the file size and polygon count.

How to Purge