A little new at modeling, paint and materials


I created a model, a small home of sorts and mirrored it’s image. I did a test run trying out different paint and materials before expanding on the surroundings and creating other models to later drop in to the original. I wiped all my paint and materials by grouping both models and then selecting “Select material to paint with to Default” clearing the whole model from all the paint I was using at that time. Saved it and came back later to make a more firm commitment to paint and materials only to find none actually applying to the model.

Just looking for a way to reverse this so I can do a proper paint and slap everything together for the final result.

I’m not clear on what you are actually doing. Can you share the SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got?

Also, your profile says you are using the Free (Web) version of SketchUp 2017. This is impossible. What version are you actually using? Knowing the correct version will help us give you the right instructions to do what you are wanting to do.

Forgive me, I thought I was clear on the process. I can understand the confusion when I had used the free web version in my profile, only because the 2017 was not a selectable option and was in a position in which I personally did not pay for the program when I had required it years ago to play with.

Aside from that I am also not in the position to share the file. So I will try this again.

I created a very detailed house, outside and inside. It’s a small part of a larger project I’m working on. I then recreated that house as if it were a reversed image of the original. I was not sure how it was all going to look like once I added materials onto the house, so I took some time and did so to see what would have been best but never came to a solid option. I noticed that now that I added materials and paint to the house things were moving a bit slower so I selected the whole house and then in the “Default tray” under “Materials” pressed the “Select material to paint with to default” and it cleared all the materials I had added to the house. As a precaution incase it wasn’t just the materials that I added to the house that was slowing down the program, I copied a set of markers and dropped that into another file so I can expand to the details of the small block with the plan of dropping in the house later.
Later came and I had a better idea of what materials to use to make my house look. So I went back to the original file with the house to use the paint option to add the materials I wanted and found that they were not being placed onto the house at all. I thought I might have just reversed faces, but that was not happening either.

i just want to be able to get this house back to a state so that I can go and add materials onto it again, then I can drop it into the other file, then move on.

I gotta be honest, this isn’t making sense. You really need to share the file to help describe what’s happening. If it’s confidential due to work, then you can DM it to someone. You keep talking like you’ve removed an entire material set out of this file to make it faster? And now you need to put them back? Is that close to right?

I have been fortunate enough to find an older version of the file on another drive. It’s a minor set back from where it was but it’s still before this issue occurred and I’m able to continue the work. I than you all for your assistance.