Can't replace other material with default?

I always use this plugin to replace materials automatically but Somehow I cant do it in this model…In this case I want to replace this material with the default.

Maybe you replaced the material of an object by sampling > painting default, an object that also has its face(s) painted (with the same original material). The faces could be looked at in edit mode of the object.

Do you mean that maybe the other face of that rectangle had this beige stucco material? it was all default in that rectangle

You need to be more precise in describing your case.
For instance: what is the other face of the rectangle? A rectangle only has a front and a back face.

Do you sample the wall to then paint the separate rectangle on the ground>
Do you sample the default of the rectangle on the ground to then paint the wall? (this is what I assumed in my previous post).

I need the other walls to be sampled ( default material ) so the file will not be much heavy. But was happening what I showed in the video…maybe its a plugin error… because usually it works

or is that I cant pick up the default material when they are in a back face?