Newbie making progress on model, but needs someone to look at it

Hi there, I’ve been getting a lot of great help here and thought I was making good progress. I was hoping to move on to windows and doors, but alas, I don’t think my model is quiet right. I’ve attached two screen grabs here one is the underside and the other is top view and, obviously, white floors on some and blue on others and I don’t know why or how to correct it. Any/ALL help is greatly appreciated. (Just having walls up is a huge feat for me :wink:)

Thanks everyone!

Not sure if I understood your questions, as usual a .skp file can help a little bit more.

White and blue are the default front and back color.


There are several possible reasons why you don’t have a floor on some rooms, I’m not the best one to explain the possible reasons but I can tell you that a face has to be created between coplanar points, the minimun number of points to construct a face are three, whatever three points can be considered coplanar. Maybe you deleted some line by error and you noticed it too late.

But you can construct the floor again just tracing a line and deleting it, if when you delete the line you lose the floor, then the points are not coplanar and that line was necessary to construct the faces.
EDIT: the line has not to be a diagonal, you just need to close the face again.


Depending the face you extruded you can get that empty walls and floors.


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I tried this before, but the file was too large. Colin told me to save it as an older SKUp file, so I will try this again. Though I think I may have worked out the problems. Hopefully!

Bluff_Dr_Attempt_5a.skp (2.8 MB)

The model looks good. What was the next problem we were looking at?

The model, as Colin says, is looking pretty good.

I can see a few stray lines which you can delete without losing a face.

Some HERE (highlighted in blue) including one short one across the top of the wall near the centre of the image:

And one more HERE:

Is the low wall in the second image meant to be that low height?

Just spotted a couple more unneeded lines:

Before you go any further, select all the walls, and make them a component.

Depending on how you want to proceed after that, you might want to further subdivide the walls into separate components for each room you want to design individually.

Or another suggestion made in your earlier thread, make the outer walls one component, and inner walls one or more.

Good luck with cutting the door and window openings.

If you look at the two images at the top that I first uploaded Colin. THAT was my problem. But while just fiddling with different ideas that might “potentially” fix it ~ I think I just accidentally fixed it. Thanx for the confirmation that all seems right. I now have something to work with!!! :hugs:<-- icon says it’s hugs, but I’m using it as clapping! :wink:

Oh THANKS JOHN, did you forget I’m a NEWBIE!!! Now I’m going to have to go search how to subdivide walls without ruining my file! :rofl::joy:, she says laughing AND crying. :wink:

No, and I wanted to congratulate you on having got a good and (very nearly) ‘clean’ set of walls.

You might choose to fill in below the walls with a foundation slab, if that’s the way the house will be constructed.

If so, delete the internal floor faces first, and make the walls a component, before you make the slab.

You might (or might not) want to put bottoms on the walls, but it is unlikely to matter much unless you should later want to 3d print (or have someone print for you) a scale model of the house.

But you will have a clean start for your walls, ready to cut doors and window openings with the PushPull tool.

Window components can cut out a hole in a single face. Look at this extension to cut through two walls:

Or draw a rectangle on the outside wall and use the push pull tool to push it as far as the inner wall. That should create a hole in both faces.

I suppose I should implement some of John’s suggestions like making a floor or foundation and making it a component first before putting in windows??? You guys are so good I wish I knew half of what you know! Thank you.

If you make the walls be a component before making the holes, you can double-click into the component later on.

I’m not sure what you are saying here. Are you saying it will be more difficult to make the window holes later than do it now before I make it a component?

That Double-Cut is a pretty cool add-on program. Once I’ve got my foundation firmly set up I will try to download the trial. I lost my trial version of SKUp Pro because I quit on the program last winter. Live and Learn.

spawn2k99, Do you have one of these nifty videos on how to separate your rooms into components? Things are starting to get serious now. :laughing:

I think I could do it, but it’s something I never tried before.
I’m working on it then I’ll edit my post and upload a video or .gif.

Oh cool. I hope you can work it out then. What are you working on, if I may ask?

I thought you asked how to convert the individual rooms into components, but I’m reading again what
@john_mcclenahan recommended, and he said:

“Before you go any further, select all the walls, and make them a component.”

He meant all the walls, that is easy … triple click and right click make component or select a face, then
right click select > all connected and then right click make component.

However to convert rooms into individual components (I think that was your question) I would do something like this, but it’s probably a long path.

I’m a newbie too, but I think the later you decided to use components the harder will be to make them.

I’m afraid I misunderstood your question. I’m not working on any project, I just try to learn a little bit almost everyday. But I’m a newbie. I’ve been doing exercises from this page:

They’re for AutoCAD but I do them with SketchUP, I did the basic ones, the intermediate and some from the advance and 3D solids.

What did I learn today? I asked how to draw a tennis ball and john drivenupthewall shared an interesting tutorial with me.

Hi Spawn2K99, sometimes I seem to miss people’s replies. Sorry about that. People like you who learn something just for the sake of learning are pretty amazing. I, personally, need to have an end-goal.

And that being said…I feel like I might be making some progress on my model, but I really don’t understand Components and Component Groups (or Layers for that matter) very well. I made a window component but it was hard to work with it after I made it. It kept going all wonky when I tried to move it into position. So I just made a group out of it and copied/pasted. My fear is that my model file size is going to grow too large and unorganized. But I don’t really understand the way SKUP is organized. Oh well. I’ve ordered Sketchup for Dummies maybe that will help. :wink:

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