Floor missing from Model

Hi, halfway working my model, realised that the floor is missing.
Not sure what I did making disappeared.
How can I put the floor back. Thanks in advance.

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Can you post your model (skp file) ?

This will help in helping you.


SU_GF_240516_3D_Floor missing.skp (817.9 KB)
Hi Jean, here’s the file…I was thinking to redraw the floor plan…Believe it was the wall missing concealing the whole layout :frowning:

did it done that…

Here is your model with a lot of corrections.

I did the following:

1 - Made hidden geometry visible,

2 - Set the style to show the edge color by axes.

3 - Used monochrome mode.

4 - Deleted may hidden lines.

5 - Unsmoothed two edges.

6 - Corrected many edges that where not on axis.

7 - Recreated the floor.

8 - Revered a fe faces that where not oriented correctly.

Your window needs many corrections.

I suggest that you use the same setup as described in steps 1 to 3 in your above in your model and compare it with mine in this SU file.

SU_GF_240516_3D_Floor missing - 2024-05-27 - JL.skp (852.8 KB)

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A BIG thank to you !
Your advice great help to me.

Even if you got that floor back, your model contains a lot of user errors and problems, which will create difficulties for you as you move forward with the modeling.

If you really want to learn to work in SketchUp, to make your work easier and create correct models, learn the basics.

  • Untick ‘Enable length snapping’ to avoid lots of approximate lenghts.

  • Type the desired length of the edges, do not try to draw by eyeballing.

  • Make sure all the faces are oriented correctly, with the white outwards.

  • Do not leave loose (raw) geometry, to avoid accidental sticking to another one.

  • Group each constructive element (walls, floors, windows, doors, etc.) that you create. Assign the appropriate tag for every object.

  • Create components instead of groups for identical repeating elements.

Hi Mihai.s, gosh…so many flaws in my model. I will rework the whole floor plan.
Thanks for your advice.