Troubles adding a floor to my building

Hi all, this is my first time using sketchup and whilst using tutorials made it quite easy for me to create a layout of the main floor, I’m having troubles trying to add the first floor over it.
When I’m drawing a surface on the top of what I already have it doesn’t mark everything that’s on the inside. Which is fine in the way that I can add the other rooms manually. When I do that though it seemingly looks okay but when later on I am trying to delete the lines from the top floor it also deletes the part of the wall connected to this line downstairs. From what I have seen in the tutorials that shouldn’t be happening. I tried pulling it up, locating it on a different layer etc. yet, there is still the same problem. Furthermore when I hide the top floor layer it seems to be hiding the top of the walls downstairs as well, like in the pic below.

Thank you in advance and sorry if it seems like a basic issue but I have run out of ideas of what to try or google to fix it and I’m stuck.

Send your file so that you can see your problem, for info you can watch my channel youtube ( to learn the basics of Sketchup or on the site Udemy

Your problem surely comes from your faces, you must first reverse the faces to have white faces and not gray, this is called normal.

Then your Pull / Push has failed, that’s why you end up with a void.

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Edges and faces are automatically merged and shared wherever they touch in SketchUp, which is most likely what you are experiencing. SketchUp ‘s layers do not separate anything, they just provide ability to make multiple things hidden at once, and hidden geometry will still merge with visible geometry. To isolate entities into separate “contexts” so they don’t interact you must use groups or components.

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house.skp (183.2 KB)

Thanks for the reply, this is my file :slight_smile: I checked out the links but unfortunately they are not in english so that makes it a bit difficult to fully understand them. I reversed all the faces but I seem to have the same problem. I have also checked out other mutiple youtube tutorials earlier when I was searching for the answer to my problem and I couldn’t find it anywhere which I guess is because I don’t understand the programme well enough to see it. Like with the faces, I didn’t understand it could affect anything before but now I know etc.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I understand it better now. Do you know any good tutorials on groups and components in practice?

Ok, c’est cool I watched your model, but there is a little problem about your floor, in fact when you did pull/push, you had to type alt touch before, because now your flow is grey.
But it’s better than the first time.

Good job,

Thanks :slight_smile: Do you know what else I can do to fix it?

Let’s me a moment, I’am watching, try this link, the videos are in english

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Hi there @facepalm93.

This is my .skp file I hope it’s what you want and you can learn how to do it by yourself.
There are extra components that you maybe want to delete from the component library or just keep the ones you want and then purge the rest of elements through Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge unused.

Keep working close to the origin and make as many layers as you want, but work carefuly with them because you sometimes think you’re working in one and you’re really doing it over a different one.

walls_doors_windows.skp (499.4 KB)

Realize that there is a couple of little segments lost in the layer0.
For the .skp I will attach I deleted all layers but layer0.

I watched these videos and I tried to put them on practice.

Creating Walls
Creating Doors and Windows

First I did in your model was using FredoScale extension to give it size 0 on blue axis, then I create a component and locked it, I also used the X-Ray view most of time to work.


Then I started from scratch with this steps (some of them has not all windows or doors but the final one has them).
As you can see in the end, if the floor is a different component you can explode it and push/pull as much as you want to.


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I forgot to delete the lines on the bottom of the doors.
This is how it should look like before and after.

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