Pull/push do not pull everything


I started drawing this model, but when i try to pull the walls, a small part is not pulled, even though i can pull them separatly. There is no line than separates them. What am i doing wrong? I could no find anything.

Thank’s a lot.

push pull.skp (220.8 KB)

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Yes there are edges that separate them. Turn on Hidden Geometry and you’ll be able to see them.
Screenshot - 5_22_2024 , 2_19_20 PM

Remove them and you should be able to extrude the walls together.

Is this your house you are modeling? How will you use the model when you have it complete?

Thank you very much for your help.

I bought a small farm and i’m planning to reform and change somethings. The model helps my wife and mother to understand better what i’m planning.

Sorry for the noob question. I had tried to erase anithing would be there but i believe it is not possible to delete them when hide. I didn’t know this feature and got curious how and when i hide them. :joy:

The same way, i had to learn how to “unhide”. I double click the floor, so the dots apeared and i could unhide. But what if i hide everything? I tried with a rectangle and the only way for me was the undo.

Nevermind. I tried better and found the option. Will leave aways on from now on. :rofl:

That is correct. You cannot erase them when they aren’t visible. Make them visible in the Display panel.

I have no way to tell how or when you did it. Eraser+Shift will hide edges. Maybe that’s what you did.

That’s not a good idea. It can create issues with some tool. Best to turn it on when you need it.

Good to know. I agree.

Got it. I still didn’t need to hide. Too basic for this. Will leave on until i start using the feature. Just to avoid this again.