Difficulty with offset and push/pull


Newbie question: I’m having trouble with the offset and push/pull tools. when I create a perimeter by offsetting a rectangle, I then pull the perimeter up to create walls in a room. When I push this wall perimeter back down to align with the original plane of the rectangle, the perimeter disappears. For some reason I think it just started happening after having no trouble with this function for my first few models.

Any suggestions?

What you describe sound like normal and expected behavior. Push/Pull is designed to remove geometry as well as create it. It’s doing exactly the same thing as I show here where I’ve drawn an arc on the top and pushed it to the bottom of the block to trim the corner.

It’s also doing the same thing when cutting a hole in a wall for a door or a window.

If you want to remove the walls, erase them leaving the bottom edges instead of pushing them back down.

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Thank you,

I was using the push/pull tool to move wall partitions up and down so I can view different parts of a model more easily, so I thought I could raise and lower walls without losing them. There’s probably a better method for doing this, but don’t know.

Yes there is. divide the walls up into groups and add layer tags to the groups so you can control their visibility as needed from the Layers panel.

A better way would be to make them a group or component, assign a layer to that container, and then make the layer non-visible.

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You can also use section planes and toggle activity between them. (Only 1 or none sections can be active within any given geometry context.)