Push/pull tool creates a thin wall that when deleted shells out the whole model

When I create a rectangle on a surface and push or pull the feature, a thin wall is created. If I delete the wall, the entire model shells out. I am using the tag features to set the rectangle on the edges, but don’t understand why the thin fin is created. Any ideas?

Perhaps you could share the SKP file that shows the problem? Commonly when this occurs it’s because the two faces aren’t exactly parallel with each other.

Thanks, I’ll attach the file later today. I appreciate the response!

I’ve attached the file. Note the push that created the thin fin in the forward wall. All parts were created with the push/pull function, I don’t know how it would not be parallel. I’m new to Sketchup and obviously lacking training.

Loco Box Base.skp (35.4 KB)

I had a look. It does seem to be the slightest bit off square. On thing I noticed is when checking dimensions in your model with Entity Info, I see a lot of dimensions preceded by ~ which indicates the dimensions aren’t exact. Even with Precision set to 1/64" as you have it, the dimensions are still off. Are you entering distances and dimensions or just trying to get close with the cursor when you draw the line?

By the way, I redrew it quickly and didn’t have any problem with that dado coming out the end correctly.
Loco Box Base.skp (34.0 KB)

Looks to me like it’s just one of those times SU doesn’t quite cut the edge properly. As you see here a new line replaces the missing face.

Edit: Strike that.
The query tool indicates it’s the corner edge.


Thanks for looking. I’ve been entering dimensions and assumed I was exactly precise to 1/64th. I’m not sure how I got the “~” setting set. I’m working in iso; could that be a reason?

Usually the reason for the inaccurate dimensions is that the user isn’t actually typing line lengths and move distances when drawing but are relying on placement by moving the cursor and getting as close as possible.

The Dimension tool doesn’t add the ~ and rounds to the nearest value based on the precision setting.

I’ve been having a similar problem - I have been using SketchUp for years without encountering this except recently. Now I have this same approximation issue. We build all our models off of dwg base drawings.

What I hear you saying here is that instead of using a base dwg, I will have to input all of my planes manually? That seems to defeat of the purpose of the simple push/pull nature that has been the SketchUp hallmark.

I don’t think anyone has said that at all.

Doesn’t this mean that I can’t drag out a plane without it showing all these approximations? I have imported a dwg, and when I use a corner of it to create a plane (and in the case above, used the axis intersection to create the rectangle), it becomes an approximation. Then when I push or pull, I find that lines are not square. Is this some type of setting? I’m not trying to be difficult, just trying to avoid hours of extra work if I can.

What causes this type of shift? Can it be caused by the dwg?