Using Push/Pull to Cutway Part of an Object

Hello Community,
I need to remove part of a component but I’m struggling to do so. What I’m doing is using the line tool to draw lines around the area I want to remove and then using Push/Pull to erase it. The problem is, Push/Pull is not erasing the outline. It only extrudes it. What am I doing wrong?

Assuming the side is a separate component, open it for editing, use the Line tool to trace the edge of the angled piece aon the face. Then push away the thickness.

It would help us help you if you’d share your .skp file so we can see your exact setup.

I’m doing exactly what you said but for some reason it’s not working for me. How can I share the file?

Save it and then drag and drop your file into a reply.

It should work like this.

Looks like it worked for me. You can edit your reply by clicking on the pencil.

Let me look at the file you shared.

Same file but it doesn’t have the angled panel. Hang on a moment.

Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to save after editing. One moment!

Hamster Cage.skp (38.2 KB)

Evidently you didn’t open the side component for editing before drawing the line and you drew an additional triangle.

Remove that and do what I showed earlier. Open the side component for editing and THEN trace the edge of the angled panel on the side followed by pushing away the waste.

Thanks so much for your help! I feel silly asking all these questions but I’m still learning how to use Sketchup. I’m grateful this community hasn’t come down on me yet!

I’m still struggling with this though. I undid all my previous steps, drew an outline of the triangle, and tried using push/pull. I still can’t get it to work. How can I insert a video so you can see exactly what I’m doing?


Check your private messages.

Nevermind, I just got it! I think I was only clicking the group twice instead of three times. Thanks again for your help!

Clicking twice on a component opens the component for editing. Clicking on it three times opens it for editing and selects all connected geometry. Did you first get rid of the triangle you’d drawn?

If this concept is not completely clear for you then then you might spend a little time at the SketchUp Campus with the learning material there. Groups and Components are a core concept of Sketchup that it is crucial to understand properly to progress, (double click to open for editing or right click and choose edit).

It’s a really common error to be at the wrong level of a group when trying to edit the geometry. I often check myself by single clicking on a face to see if just the face gets selected or a group gets selected instead. If a group gets selected, then I’m not in the right place.