Not able to use Push/Pull to remove slanted part of several objects

I am creating a shed for my firewood, and need to cut away part of the boards I am using for my walls.
The boards have (of course) a small profile.

I need to cut away some of the boards, to be adjacent to my rafters (12 degree angle).

Have tried to combine all five boards into one component or into a group, with no luck.

Have searched these forums a lot, and I know how to remove parts using the Push/Pull tool.
But maybe it is the fact that I have profiles on the boards that makes this difficult.

Hoping for some experts advice here.

Have added the .skp file for this project.
Shed for firewood.skp (505.5 KB)

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile implies the free web version. Is that correct? Or are you using SletchUp Pro?

The method of trimming the siding like you want depends on the version.

I am using SketchUp Free web version (not paying for any subscription).

Ok. So presumably personal use?

Instead of Push/Pull draw a rectangle aligned with the top of the rafter. Select it and cut it to the clipboard. Open one of the siding objects, right click and choose Paste in place. Select the geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then erase the excess geometry. Repeat for the next siding objects.

This can be done more easily in SketchUp Go or Pro with the Solid Tools.

Yep, personal use.
Drawing the shed myself, and building it myself. Doesn’t get any more personal than that :slight_smile:

OK - I will try your suggestion.

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If the boards are instances of a component, make them each unique else cutting one will affect all the others too!

Worked like a charm. Had to do each wall panel one by one, but it worked as described and expected.

Thanks for pointing this out for me.

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