Push/Pull Question - cut section from entire component?


I use an extension in Sketchup to draw cabinetry. Id like to cut a profile into the cabinetry so it will sit against a curved wall. Is there a way to push/pull an entire section of a component? See pic for reference.


I’m not exactly sure what part you want to cut away. Is it the tall panel with the hole in it? For that you could open the component for editing, trace the curve of the piece at the end on to the edge and then use Push/Pull to get rid of the waste.

If you clarify what you want to do and share the SketchUp model file, it would be easier to give you direction.

Id like to cut the shape I’ve cut from the end panel from the entire unit with a single push/pull. Rather than draw the necessary shape and cut from individual components.
The two end panels, two partitions and back panel would have material removed.

Apologies if that still isnt clear.

Each component will need to be edited. You could model a “cutter” object and use the Solid Tools or better, Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 to crim the components. You can’t edit a bunch of different components in a single step, though.

I think if I were modeling that I would have used the end component with the curve to make the other vertical panels in the piece so only the large panel needs to be trimmed to the curve.

With Curic Face Knife

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That’s an extension I hadn’t seen. Thanks.

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With pleasure, Dave! It’s a useful plugin, just the other day I had the opportunity to use it in another clip.

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