Separating parts from a downloaded component?

I downloaded a kitchen cabinet form online and imported it to my model. Id like to extend the drawer out but it seems their is some sort of “snap to” function where I can move it but it always jumps back to the same plane which is not what I need. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can move the drawer freely?

This could be different things. What is the link to the imported model? So we know what you are talking about.

It might be a dynamic component where the positions of its parts are regulated by the component attributes. You could look in the Component Options dialog whether the component has options for the drawers that you can manipulate. You can also try exploding it.


Most likely it’s a dynamic component, if you have SketchUp Pro and familiar with Dynamic Attributes, you can modify them to not snap or just delete that Attribute. But be careful because who know what other attributes are referencing to it.
If you have SketchUp Make, you can’t modify the attributes, but you can just go in and explode that part you want, regroup it, and it’ll delete the attributes. *Be sure to explode all the parts of the drawer (it may have separate dynamic components like the handle, or hinges, etc), otherwise those part’s attributes may affect their position.