Extra component created when importing dc


I have just started working with Dynamic Comonents and everything has been working really well. I have started building my own library of cabinets, windows and doors. I created my own library in the Component Window and marked it as a favorite so everything is now available to be dragged into the model when needed.

Here is the problem:

When I drag one of my dynamic component models from the Component Library, it creates an extra component around that DC. I then have to explode the DC and upon doing so, everything is fine. I would just would like to avoid having to blow everything up after importing.

Does anybody know how to stop the DC from creating anyother component layer while importing? Does it have somehting to do with my file labeling?

I have attached one of the models here as a reference.

I hope someone can help!



I’m guessing you created the component on its own and then saved it using File>Save or File>Save as… If that’s how you did it, you have a component inside of a Sketchup file. Then when you insert that SketchUp file into another SketchUp session, it comes in as a component so you wind up with a nested component.

Instead you should save just the component by dragging and dropping its thumbnail from the In Model components panel into the collection where you want to save it. Or right click on the component itself and choose Save as… Personally I prefer the drag and drop method but either way works and doesn’t result in the nested component like you’re getting.


This is great! Except - I have another problem now. For some reason the attributes are broken for the drawer face dimensions. It wont scale in height or width with the box size. Its location attributes are still in tack, which is weird. Any thoughts?

I’m not seeing that in the copy you uploaded. Maybe try downloading that one and opening it. Does it work correctly?

OKAY - I figured it out. The top drawer was the broken drawer after inserting. It was also the only drawer that wasnt a nested component. Meaning, it was a single volume. Compared with the other two drawers that were a series of multiple components. I opened the file location that I created when dragging the component into the library and saw that this created a broken drawer for some reason.

Do you know why this would happen?

To fix it, I just created another component around that singular top drawer component and applied the same attributes to that.*