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I have since upgraded to SketchUp Pro 2023 (Version 23.1.340 64 bit) from my previous version. In the previous version I had been able to create some simple dynamic components. In this current version, I am trying to create some additional dynamic components, I have opened both palettes, Component Options and the Component Attributes. I have noticed when I add attributes, in this case, Size (Add all), these attributes are not showing up in the Component Options. Yes, I have also clicked “Apply” button as well with no success. However, I can add the attributes individually, but they still don’t show in the Component Options. I have watched several videos and followed along step by step, still no sucess!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks!

J. Kim Candelario
DefyCoLabs, DefyTalent

Shelf.skp (190.6 KB)

Explode the top level component or at least open it for editing and select the one inside it.

Looks like you maybe created the shelf component and then saved the file containing it which is what you’ve imported into the current model. Doing that results in an extra level of nesting which you don’t want in this case.

When you create DC in the future either right click on the component and choose Save as to save it or add it to a local collection by dragging the component’s thumbnail from In Model to the local collection in the Components panel. That will avoid the extra nesting level.

By the way, you can see in the Components panel that the shelf component you shared is not a DC but the one inside it is. You may have to expand the components to see that. The green icon indicates the DC.


Thanks, for the feedback. It seemed that when I re-launched SU and followed your recommendation all works now! Thanks Again . . .

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Glad that worked.

FWIW, this “extra” component level thing is a good thing normally. If you have a piece of furniture as a SketchUp model and you import that into another SketchUp file, it comes in as a component. This means it doesn’t merge with other stuff in your model and you have the benefits of the component. So if you need to make an edit to the piece of furniture, you can open it in a separate SketchUp file, make the changes and save. Then in the project file you can reload the component and it will update all instances.