Dynamic components Sketchup pro 2021

Question: I am using Sketchup Pro 2021. My sketchup has become really slow, specially when I try to make dynamic components. Also, when I make a rectangle and triple-click to make it a component, it does not show up on the ‘Component options’ window. I am trying to make a dynamic rectangular water feature

  1. Triple clicking only selects all connected faces and edges. It doesn’t make it a component. You can right-click and select Make Component from the menu or press the G key (if you haven’t changed the shortcut to point to something else).
  2. The Component Options window only shows the attributes the component already has.
  3. You create the attributes in the Component Attributes window.

Thank you for your reply Anssi. Please see the image attached. Even when I have made a component and I select it, it does not show on the component options window (no components selected).

You can learn how to deal with DC’s e.g. start here:

That is because the component has no attributes. You must create attributes and make them visible/editable in the options window.

You will see that even when I have made the box a component and added 2 attributes: LenX and LenY it still does not show up on the component options window. I went to the details button and set the display rule to: users can edit as a textbox

Hi Dezmo, thanks for your reply. However, I have watched the video and other skillbuilder videos from Sketchup on Youtube but my problem is that my DC is acting weird. You will see in the image that even when I have added attributes it still does not show up on the component options window.

That’s probably because you have not made anything variable for a user.

Everyone keeps telling you to look at the very good help available. Why not do that before asking more questions?

I have looked at all the help available through the videos and only then I joined this forum as the videos were not helpful

Thanks for the video dezmo. Please take a look at my images. Firstly, when i make the component it does not show up as a thumbnail in the component options window, secondly when I add the attributes it does not show up on the attribute window and also disappears from the attributes list. Finally, when i make the attribute editable, it still does not show up

The issue I am having

It’s a known issue.
Make sure you have the latest version 1.8
[menu] Window > Extension Manager
Quit SketchUp
Start SketchUp
Use the rightclick context menus to open the dialogs.

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Please try to check if the Dynamic Components extension is up to date:

Try to quit from SU, even restart your computer and try again…
(Try context menus to open the DC dialog s)

It is upto date. I have tried restarting sketchup and my computer as well. Do you think there is a possibility it has something to do with a recent window update?

Could be… And also could be of improper installation of SU. Go and download again the installer.
The correct way to install it is to right-click the installer and select “Run as Administrator”.*
When you prompted choose “repair”…
*( It is not same as be logged on as an administrator.)

Thanks Dezmo, repairing it seems to have fixed the issue related to DCs, but SketchUp itself is painstakingly slow

Try to check what graphic card is used:
Window>> Preferences >> OpenGL >> Graphics Card Details

It should be your Nvidia card, if not then you need to adjust setting in NVIDIA control panel, 3D settings, under the menu to adjust stuff per program, for your laptop to use your NVIDIA card instead of using the default use of the Intel chipset.