Dynamic Component Options bug

Hi guys, been a while since I posted here. I seem to be having issues with creating a dynamic component.
Why is it when I create an attribute for a Dynamic Component it doesn’t show up in the Component Options? Seems to be a bit of a bug. I checked to see if my Dynamic Components plugin needed updating but SketchUp Extension Warehouse says I’m up to date (uninstall only option).
Do I need to uninstall it & re-install to fix or has Dynamic Components still got several bugs that you have to work around? Like delete component & drag in a new one or something to get the component options to work?

Are you setting the attribute to show up in the component options?

Yes, I’m pretty familiar with building parametric components. Been using SketchUp for several years now.

I just restarted SketchUp and surprise surprise, there it is in Component Options.

Seems there are still some bugs in the Dynamic Components extension.

Pays to do a “Save As” on the component & replace the component file occasionally to keep SU up-to-date me thinks.


Glad you got it figured out.

I’m not all that well versed in Dynamics myself. I have noticed in the past that the options sometimes reports “no component selected” even though the component is selected. A SketchUp restart seems to put that problem straight too, I’m not sure whether that’s a related issue. But from what I’ve seen the list of issues is pretty long.

I agree it is a bug. I have had the same issue. I have engaged customer support to see if they can reproduce it and determine if it is already in their bug list.

Yes there still are even two years later.

We have complained about an easily fixed Options dialog bug for many years.

A simple fix for when the Options dialog often will not populate:

(Put this into a .rb file and save into your user "Plugins" folder.)

class Sketchup::Model
  if not self.instance_methods.include?(:deleted?)
    def deleted?

By the way, since there is no public bug tracker, I started one in the Ruby API category to list open bugs …

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