Problem with option when creating a dynamic component

Hi, i have started creating a library for client. I have been doing this in for two years with my student liscence. Now i use the computer of the manufacture and i was cleaning some mistakes i made in my library and the options stopped to show. Then i red comments on the net saying to unload the dynamic component plug-in and reload it, witch i did and it did work for that day. But then, when i closed the computer and wanted to create a new dynamic component, option wont write down. Its a big problem cause i want to honor the work we invest in that projet before the end of the summer but i am really tired of bugs like that. I unloaded the plug in again but when i want to reload it it says it is reload but i can’t find it nowhere and options doesn’t show no more, i need help please or a special onlline fast course with a pro. thanks.

What version of SketchUp are you using now? Please correct your forum profile. There is no 2022 version of SketchUp for Schools and SketchUp for Schools is web-based and has no facility for working with or creating Dynamic Components.

Share one or two of your Dynamic Components so we can see what you are working with and help you out.

Is the toolbar checked?
[menu] View > Toolbars

Rightclick on a component should offer the options to show the dialogs, as well.

The problem is now that i cannot change the option that i had specified, i put here one thet is working the fourniture with two doors ont op and one that the options i cannot enter modifications

2P-PB-3T.skp (223.1 KB)
2T-haut_douze.skp (233.1 KB)

Soory my mistake , i haven’t work with Sketchuver 6 months, just did not put the mofication possibilities in the attributes :expressionless:

Thanks anyway the other port from dynamic component helped me solved to unload and reload the plug-in previously.

Ok thanks for your answer but that’s the one i had no problem with. I don’t know whats wrrong with my profile, sorry and i did wrote solution to let you know i found my own mistake. :slight_smile:

You aren’t using SketchUp for Schools. You’re using SketchUp Pro.

ok, yes , with my client computer but i also have a student account. thanks