Sketchup Component Options disappears


first of all sorry for my english, it’s not my mother tongue.
i use SketchUp 2021 trial version, and i have a problem that comes really often.
i have a dynamic component with some setting possibilities, but after a few operations the component is still highlighted, but the setting possibilities are missing (picture: sketchup_nok).

after restarting SketchUp everithing comes back, but it is really annoying to restart the program in every 30 minutes.

what should i do to solve this problem?

thank you in advice:

what version of Dynamic components is installed ?
[menu] Window > Extension Manager

Does it happen with every DC’s? Or only a particular one? Perhaps you can post a model with a problematic DC in, and someone can take a look…

sorry, i was misunderstandable.
after the problem comes out, the ‘Component Options’ are inactive by every DC.

Still, can be useful to post one of the problematic modell…

What does this few operation means?

i could capture with a video when the problem apperars.
i attached the modells too.

box.skp (51.6 KB) ml.skp (10.3 KB) 3fsz.skp (103.5 KB)

There are combinations of actions where the options panel remains empty. And there is a bug report about that. It shows as still not fixed. But, there are reasonable ways around the problem.

Read through this post, and see if the situation seems to be the same as yours:

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thank you for the fast answers:)