Dynamic Component Options Window Not Functioning

The dynamic components options windows is not populating with user editable functions, neither edit as textbook or select from menu. The options functions work briefly after a restart, then fail to populate the options window. Re applying the edit attribute has no effect.

I am using version 19.1.173, Mac OS 10.14.2

Here are screenshots of a simple component created in SU 2019, length and width edit as text box are the only functions.

And a more complicated component with multiple options created in SU 2016. The on click functions work. Options are functional briefly after a restart.

Save your work, close SketchUp and restart it. See if that makes a difference.

EDIT I see you already did that. You are on a different operating system to me. I have experienced this problem in Windows, which a SketchUp restart does fix. Weird though.

Disable Dynamic Components in the Extensions Manager, close SketchUp and restart SketchUp . Enable them again in the EM
Only open the Options Dialog from the Context menu, not through the icon.

Nothing in the options window. Even with a reboot of the computer. I had limited success in the past.

Is the problem limited to one component or all?
When did it first happen?
What happens if you copy the component over to a fresh file?

All components. Started in the last 2-3 weeks. At first a closing and re opening SU would solve the problem. When I open on another machine, the options window populates when first opened, then fails to find the component.

When the component is copied to a fresh file the component does not copy, only the sub components. Sub component formulas referencing the component are intact.

this is due to opening through the icons. Don’t do that.

Window->Extension Manager:

then be sure to press apply:

Totally close SketchUp (SketchUp->Quit) use 'Force quit’if you also have SU-Podium installed :grinning:

Restart, enable the DC again and be sure to only open the Options by rightclicking:


not the icons…

Wait, do you say Dynamic Components has a bug that breaks it if the user uses a toolbar command rather than a context menu command?

I am using the context commands

Ah! You should not be that surprised about there being a bug with the DC?:wink:

It is easy to reproduce and indeed, because the DC hasn’t had good attention for a while, this bug persists for quit some time,among more in the DC…

This is how to reproduce on Windows:

Restarting on Windows will fix, but you need to follow described method on Mac…


DC doesn’t contain bugs. DC is a bug…

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I wouldn’t go that far, but the numerous issues should be fixed and the functionality should be integrated into the core application, asap.

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