Options Component Dialog box doesn't work

Hello everyone!
I am using the Sketchup 2020 Pro version.
I am studying dynamic components.
Sometimes the Component Options dialog box opens and sometimes it doesn’t and I don’t know why.
I made a component yesterday, it was working, when I opened the program today, it doesn’t work anymore.
It is very simple, a box in which I type height, width and thickness.
I’ve already opened a new file, redid the whole process and it doesn’t work.
I don’t know what may be going on.
Any tips to help me?

Picture below:


Luciana Klein

We do have a bug report about this. Here’s a discussion that includes the steps needed to make it go wrong, and so to keep it working right, don’t do these steps!

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Thank you Colin!

I will follow that thread.



I have the same problem. I found a fix here somewhere and cannot find it again. A poster gave a script to create as a text file and name it with a .RB or maybe a .RBZ extension and place it in your extension folder so it loads when sketchup is loaded. It worked great but now the file is gone. I think it got deleted doing some updates using extension manager, Now I cant find that post. Let me know if anyone finds it!!!

Ha I found it!!!

class Sketchup::Model
if not self.instance_methods.include?(:deleted?)
def deleted?

Put in a text file called fix.rb


Thread here:

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