Dynamic Components Not Showing Options



Hey Guys,

I’m trying to create some more dynamic components for my coworkers. I’ve never really messed with DC in SketchUp so when I created a generic assets model for people I created several different kids of doors manually. Since DC would eliminate the need for that I figured I’d rollout an updated version with less stuff in it - with everything being DC optimized instead.

However I’m running into a few UI issues. I’ve set the door and have it swinging. However, per my size parameters, I should also be able to get it to switch sizes via the options menu. Unfortunately the Option box is blank whenever I click on the door itself.

I’m betting it’s just the extension is buggy with SKU18 because when I try to “add all” of one parameter set it doesn’t appear and then disappears from the list. Anyone else have these problems? I’ve repaired my SketchUp installation recently since my toolbars were messed up - they still are btw even after the repair but that’s beside the point.

I’ll attach some screenshots below. If anyone has any ideas I’m game.




What version of Dynamic Components (Window->Extension Manager)? It should be 1.5
As for the Dialog, there might be an interfering extension…
Quit SketchUp.
Start SketchUp.



I disabled the extension, restarted SketchUp, and re-enabled the extension. Things seem to be working correclty. I was beginning to wonder about the version of the extension itself but it is running 1.5.