Inability to Edit Dynamic Component Options

I have been puzzled for years (across several versions of SketchUp Pro and two computers) by the fact that I cannot seem to get Dynamic Components to work as expected. When I import a dynamic component from the 3D Warehouse and try to edit the options, I get the message “There are no options to choose on this component.” This is the case for all dynamic components, included those created by SketchUp.

What is really puzzling about this is that years ago I came to this forum to look for answers, and I came upon a thread in which others were experiencing the issue. Someone trying to help uploaded a file with a dynamic Marvin window, and for some reason, I could manipulate the component options in that file. So, now if I ever need a Dynamic Component, I open that old file, search the 3D Warehouse and upload directly into that model, make the adjustments, and then copy the component into my other drawing (but even that doesn’t work sometimes).

Like I said this has been the case for probably five years (or at least as long as Dynamic Components have been a thing), so it has persisted across multiple versions of SketchUp Pro AND across different computers.

Am I missing some obvious preference or something that is not allowing me to edit Dynamic Components?



Do you import or open the dynamic component file?