Problem with DC

Hi there, I’m new to sketch-up and I’m using the PRO 2015. I was trying to create a DC cabinet but I have few issue:

  1. I thought I create a DC but after I finished to work on the file I saved and stored in my component folder but when I try to insert the component I create in a file is not working

  2. I was able to add the Width but the doors and the handles are scaling and changing shape is there a better way to do it? (No extensions please).

I was trying to attach the file but it’s to big :frowning:

It would seem unlikely that DC file size is so big,

have you purged the file? (window) / model info / Statistics / purge unused button @ bottom of user form.

otherwise if part of a bigger model, select the DC, right click and saveas

then try to post the file again

What do you mean by not working? The Dynamic options don’t appear? If you just save the file as normal, and import it into another model, it’ll automatically put the file model into a new group. You need to Right-Click on your Dynamic Component and select Save-As and then it’ll import fine.

Without a screen shot or the file, we can’t see what’s the issue. At the very least, screen capture your dynamic attributes so we can see what’s going on.

And like @pcmoor, it shouldn’t be too large. Either you’ve added way too many details or downloaded parts from the warehouse that contains too many details. It’s also possible you imported a really large texture that’s adding size to your file.

Thanks for the quick answers. Yes the problem was the texture I added since one of the DC was the different materials. I attached the model. If you see the file is working but if I import it is not. What am I doing wrong? Also I found the way to stop the handles from scaling but I cannot figure out how to let them move with the doors…and the doors if I use the DC of 21" if getting to bad maybe I can build the door in 3 groups and let the center part to stretch? Sound easy to say but I need to try. :wink:

ThanksCabinet Double 2 drawers.skp (301.9 KB)

Unfortunately, I still got version 2014, if you feel like saving as 2014 version and re-uploading, i’ll take a look. Sorry

No problem!!! Thanks for helping.

I attached a new on I’m working on. the right side is the old one and the left with the big door is the new one that I’m creating with the door in 3 groups but I’m still working on the center part that i not stretching correctlyCabinet Double 2.skp (316.9 KB)

So you’re on the right track, you’ve locked the sizes of several parts in your model. Now you need to do that to every component within your cabinet.

Door Handle: Lock the sizes and for the location, have it set to a certain distance away from the midpoint. Something like this:
DoorHandle: =Cab_Double!LenX/2+0.25+(DoorLeftside/2)
The 0.25 is half of the spacing you have between panels. and the half of the door left side if what I’m assuming you’ll call the left panel. Similar to what you did with the larger door

As for the “Door Center” component, you need to have it’s size dynamic to the spacing between Door Left and Door Right, and location to follow:
Door Center LenX: = DoorRight!Lenx-(DoorLeft!X+DoorLeft!LenX)
*This will give you size
Door Center X = DoorLeft!X + DoorLeft!LenX
*This will give you location so it won’t overlap the left door.

So keeping to this method, you can program all the components to resize and move according. Good Luck and feel free to ask if anything arises.

There are more than one method, I was thinking you want Door Center to be placed/sized between the two door components. And Door Left may not be at origins (0,0). So I was thinking you need Door Left location + it’s size, and from Door Right’s location, you minus Door Left’s position plus it’s size to give you the distance between.
So for Door Center I put:
X:Door Left side!X+Door Left side!LenX
LenX:=Door!LenX-Door Left side!LenX-Door right side!LenX

But now that I rebooked, I noticed you have a small moulding going around the center panel, but it’s also on the door pieces and added to it’s size. The mouldings will have to be their own components as to not affect the door’s attributes.

I can’t see your new file because version 2015 (sorry). But in the previous model, I went into your component for handle, and there’s still a group inside (the handle), I locked it’s dimensions, and it works for me, stays the same size.
Keep trying, at some point, it’ll all click into place and you’ll get it working. And then maybe you’ll want to reorganize and redo it all :stuck_out_tongue:
Cabinet Double 2.skp (245.8 KB)

Ops sorry I forgot to save it for the 2014 :frowning:

I fixed the handle and I figure out that the molding was the issue so now is working I just need to fix the position and then like you said I need to start over since the door need to shale also in the height :wink:

This is fun…sometimes!!! hahahaha

Thanks so much for your help

As soon I’m done with the door I will check if is going to work when I will import it into an other file.

Ok I fixed everything and saved in 2014 but now if I import it to an empty file is not workingCabinet Double 2.skp (339.3 KB)

It is fun, it’s like a puzzle, and once it’s all done and working, it’s quite satisfying. And then you’ll want to add more options and it’ll slowly get more and more complex.
One last thing, if you ever need to reference the parent/overall component, use Parent! rather than Door! (for example). It’ll be useful if you ever swap internal components or copy to another cabinet.

Ok thanks for the info…I was thinking and I still need to try but now if I mirror the door is not going to work right? I will had to change it again

If you mirror a door, by scaling -1, it’ll keep the dynamic attributes, but it’ll work backwards because the origins are flipped now. You can try making it a unique component (to keep it’s attributes) and then change its axes, but depending on how you programmed the attributes, it may or may not work, but probably will work.

Cool I will try.

Before I edited a message and added the final product saved in 2014 can u check if when u import that to a file is working or not doesn’t give me any options

Here’s a really old dynamic cabinet I did (before I figured out a few better methods), but it’s similar enough to yours that maybe you can draw some ideas and methods from it. It also has a few more options than yours, but not far from your abilities, so you can use them (like on-click animation and changing handles)

ECO-CABINET.skp (1.4 MB)

Your model didn’t work as you wanted it. When you want to have a dynamic component be ready for import, Select and right click your model, Select Save As, and then it’ll work.

Like so, I saved your model as so and now when you import, it’s options will be available.
Cab_Double-SAVEAS.skp (87.1 KB)

Cool cabinet!!! I want the different handles options…but now I need to focus on this one I’m doing. I don’t have the click option I know what you mean I saw it on youtube but I cannot click on anything.

Also I didn’t understand your last post. How do I need to save the file when it’s finish?

When you select+right-click your model, you get this drop down menu, select save as.

If you just do File-Save As, it’ll make your model into a new group, which you don’t want.

Aaaaaahhh I see!!!.

How did you learn all these things? Online?

youtube, and here on this forum. I learnt the basic of dynamic components in school. Got as far as that cabinet file. Then I started doing event planning and needed to making more complex dynamic furniture and slowly learn each new method one at a time and learn to combined them all.
Try youtube first for all the other common dynamic components (like cabinets, more cabinets and adjustable furniture) and then start asking around when you get to more difficult models.

Well Thanks again and have a great day…I promise for today I’m not going to bother you again :wink: