Component axes attached to scene and not object it is nested in

I created an furniture object with nested dynamic drawers that open, but anytime I move the object to another location in any scene, the drawers move according to the scene’s main axis origin, not relative to the object. Very frustrating.

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you have set up.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021 “Free Plan”. Does that mean you’re using a cracked version? Your profile also says there’s no graphics card but there must be one.

Sorry, I updated my profile. I have a Pro 2021 version. I have Intel integrated graphics, with 2gb approximately. I do not have a separate graphics card. I have planned an upgrade sometime in the future.
I have attached the file for review.

dressers.skp (1.59 MB)

I’m not seeing an issue with your moving your dresser ariund the model space. Can you record a gif that shows the issue?


I have attached a gif of me opening the drawers both at original position and then after moving the object. dresser .gif

Looks like you used absolute move locations rather then movement relative to the parent group.

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place the axis of component13, (parent) at the bot left side, must have moved it.

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Most likely you made parent after adding the handles

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Yes, I made the handles last and then grouped with with the door components.

My general rule of thumb is to completely finish creating geometry before adding attributes. Keeps things from going wonky.


I tried to do that and it doesn’t seem to have any effect

I have found in some models I’ve made that when I try to add attributes after completing the model, it acts weird.
This model I started with just the drawer face, added the attributes and then grouped the drawer case to the dynamic drawer fronts.
When dynamic components work they’re great, but usually I find them incredibly frustrating. They will often act unpredictively at best, and completely weird at worst.

the file you posted was fixed that way, the one you videoed seems to be inside the parent file
the child references its parent’s axis

The fixed file of one posted, where component13 is the parent
dressers.skp (1.6 MB)

the way to create a component file is via the right click menu “saveas” or by drag and drop to another folder,
Component files need to be placed into a new file before editing, as other than editing the children you cannot edit a component file parent by opening it, any reference to its position and rotation should be done in the new file,
If you want to use a Dc as a base to anew DC, first make the copy and all its subs unique (see deep make unique)

Thanks so much. It appears to be working correctly now. Much appreciated.