Dynamic Component wont move

I’m new to dynamic components and after following a few tutorials I’ve launched into my 1st DC project.
I’ve created this joinery cabinet which is meant to scale in only X direction while maintaining all panel thicknesses and part relationships.

Everything works perfectly, EXCEPT I cannot move the component at all!
The component attributes window shows the component position changing, but it jumps back to it’s original location on screen.
The same happens if I copy it - sketchup just makes a copy in the original location.

I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong in the formulas of attributes in sub-components, or something else I’ve missed.

I’ve uploaded the component file here.
cabinet1.skp (264.7 KB)

Can anyone help?

Hi DaveR,
Thanks for the super-quick reply.
I’ve removed the parent component’s position attributes altogether but it still doesn’t move.
Even with these attributes added, they were not set to specific values but rather left “floating”.

Any other ideas?


I reverse-engineered my component and discovered that I was implementing my sub-component positions incorrectly.
This is totally due to my naivety, as I was positioning sub-components relative to the parent component but not realising the default 0,0,0 position is already accounted for.

For example, I wanted to position a subcomponent to be always 1.6cm greater in the X-axes from the parent X position.
I did this by:

Whereas I’ve discovered that all I need is:

I understand now that the value “parent!X” returns the X value of the whole component relative to the model origin, not the component itself.

Anyway, everything works fine now.


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