Component will not move at all

I have just created an account on this forum to seek help with a problem I am having moving a component.
I have created a dynamic component, which for some reason will not move from the origin on all 3 axis.
If I import the component into a model, it will also go straight the model origin and wont move from there.
If I select the component, then the move tool, click on it once (it now looks like it will move around), but when i click again on the location I whish to move it to it snaps back into place.
This is driving me nuts and any help would be grately appreciated.

It sounds like you Geo-located it.

Many thanks for your reply.

The model to which I want to import the component was geo-located.
The model which stores the component is not geo-located.

I have removed the geo-location on the model I am working on but the component still wont move.
This is only happening on one component, all others are working fine.

It would help if you upload the component so we can look at it.

Is it possible one of your dynamic settings is forcing it to 0,0,0

Hi Box,
Many thanks, that was it, the component’s XYZ positions were entered as =0.
Now when I move the component it gets completely messed up, but I will try to resolve that on my own!