Insert Component and it ends up WAY FAR AWAY from the origin

When I try to insert a component it into a certain file, it ends up hundreds of thousands of feet away from the origin. It’s so far away I have to use the section planes to find it in the model.

When I try to insert a different component, it works normally.

Another thing that is strange is that sketch up does not wait for me to indicate a location to place the finicky component. It just drops it.

When I tried to insert the component that was problematic into a different file, it inserts right at the origin and again does not allow me to indicate the placement position.

I have checked and rechecked and changed and updated and thoroughly rechecked the origin of the component and the host file and nothing seems off.

I have tried this in a completely clean file and old ones with tons of geometry too.

Any ideas?

Right click an axis and see if reset is available. If so perhaps the drawing axes have been moved far from the base model axes.

A possible but less likely possibility is that the component is a Dynamic Component that has been badly programmed, maybe with a bad assumption about model units.

seems that the current axis is already reset. (world)…

If you are able to share the model and component, someone here will almost surely be able to figure it out.

What is the component you are inserting? Has it been geo-located?

Here is the MODEL and the COMPONENT…
MODEL.skp (230.4 KB)
COMPONENT.skp (983.9 KB)

Not to my knowledge. How would I confirm?

Uh yes, that is highly likely… I made this component myself and I make assumptions alot.

Open the Component file and look at Geo-Location in Model Info.

And the MODEL file is also geo-located.

Looks to me as if the location of the window component is slightly off from the location of the model. Not enough to show in the latitude and longitude but enough to show in the model space.

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Good catch @DaveR. I removed the geolocation from both files and now the window imports just fine.

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Is it a Hangover from Google that all components created in a geo-located model end up importing to their original location?

Could there be an option when creating a component to have “Preserve Location” ticked or unticked?
Or perhaps when importing a component Import > SketchUp model (with location)
or Import > SketchUp model (placeable)

Worked for me too @DaveR ! Thank you!

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