Insert Component and it ends up WAY FAR AWAY from the origin

Yep, you are correct, which is why I said I may be wrong, I rarely use geolocation and the quick test I did didn’t show the issue. But now awake and with coffee in hand I made a better test and yes, if I take a component from a geolocated model and add it to another geolocated model, test case done only a few houses away, the component will be placed at the original location.
Annoying, and it helps explain why a variety of items in the 3d warehouse are strangely geolocated.

I will however Note that they only seem to use the insertion point, they aren’t glued to that position like a truly geolocated component would be.

SketchUp Team
Anyway to flag this or update in a future release? A few times now this has caused my models to crash and it seems like unintentional behavior. I get that not a lot of folks use geolocating, but that just makes this all the more potentially troublesome because those people won’t realize why a model is loading miles away from all of the rest of their assets. I just don’t see why a component should bring along it’s geolocated data, to me a component saved out of context is designed to be a reusable asset in a new model.


You could make a new topic about this issue in the “feature request” section.

One more reason not to insert things from the 3D Warehouse into your model directly without inspecting them. There are so many items that are geolocated, far from the origin, to the wrong scale, with an odd axis placement or just bloated high-poly geometry that correcting just one problem won’t get us far.