Inserting a compnent - problem!



Why some components when inserted inside a model have this behavior: “fall” somewhere in the model and do not move according to the mouse cursor, as in the first two examples of the GIF below.

Thanks guys!


That component is set with gluing properties and it’s set to glue to Any face. Change it to glue only to horizontal or get rid of the gluing property altogether. You can edit that by select the component in the Components window and clicking on the Edit tab once the component is In Model.


“it’s set to glue to Any face”

It´s not…



Look at the chair component.


Now I understand what you mean.:grinning: My initial post was to show that the problem was in the glass shelf, which is inserted inside the model with a strange behavior.

The chair has behavior to glue on some face, that’s right, but the glass shelf I programmed not to behave that way.

Even so, this shelf should not be inserted into the model the way it is shown in the GIF of the previous post, but like the chair (without glue on faces).


It could also be the axes are misaligned.

Each component can have it’s axis set independently… and things flip around when brought into an environment which is set up with a different orientation.

You can check this by going into the component edit mode, and looking to see how the axes are set up within the component.


Can you share the shelf component in a model?


the axes are aligned … :slightly_frowning_face:


Prateleira de vidro.skp (35.6 KB)
the purpose of creating this component is to be a glass shelf supported by square screws

and it is a dynamic component with some handdles scale blocked to fit the furniture niche





Single click and drag it in like I did.

Why is your component geo-located. The geo-location is why it is snapping to the origin. There’s no reason for a shelf to have geo-location set. You could open the component on its own and remove that. Model Info>Geo-Location.


I am just one click… and click and drag doesn´t work with this model…

I notice that sometimes this problem happens to other components, but this is rare


See the edit to my post, above.


Yes, you are right! The problem is that the model is geo-located!

Thank you!


It’s OK to have a building geo-located but furniture and fixtures shouldn’t be.


I made the geolocation error at some point, I do not know which one. But thanks for detecting this problem, this may be occurring with other users as well. :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:


I’ll take one of those. :smiley: