Components are driving me CRAZY!

I have created a set of components to act as markers for camera locations. These components will ONLY place on a horizontal face, even though I set the Glue to… as None. I can work around this, but would prefer not to have the extra steps.

Once I have used the markers to place my cameras, I need to set them all at the same height on the blue axis. Problem is that the components will NOT move along the blue axis, no matter how loud I scream and shout!

Can someone out there PLEASE save my sanity in time for the weekend?

Best to make sure the gluing behavior is set to None when you make the component…
But to fix things later…

Go into the Component Browser > Model tab.
Find the component definition that needs fixing, and select it.
Now Edit tab and make sure it is set None for gluing…

Now new instances of it you add to the model should not ‘glue’.

BUT if you have existing instances that are already glued, then select them in turn and use the context-menu to ‘unglue’ them.

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