Strange component behaviour

I have a component in my model that seems to be somehow attached to another object. When I select the component, I am able to move it along either the red or green axes, but NOT the blue. Moving this component does not affect any other objects in my model.

However - if I select this one particular group, without selecting the component in question, I cannot move the group without the component tagging along like a love-sick puppy!

This is driving me crazy!!

One thing that I have noticed is a blue X at the origin of the component when I go in to edit the component. Does anyone know what this signifies? I have tried to upload a screen shot of the component’s axes and origin.

Please help!

The axes show that you’ve got a component with gluing properties. You can edit the component in the Components panel and turn off the gluing. Then replace the existing one with a new one.

I expect you made that component while it was in contact with an ungrouped face which would result in the component automatically getting the gluing property. It is often useful to create the geometry for a component on a surface but you can avoid the gluing property being added by first making a component or group to encompass the face you’ll draw on for the new component.

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Screenshot - 1_7_2021 , 9_42_18 AM

Thank you for the rapid response.

This is embarrassing! I have been using SketchUp since about 1999, when it still belonged to @last, and I have never used the glueing capabilities of components.

I better go back to school and learn my lessons better!!

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The automatic gluing property can be very useful in some cases, especially for things like creating window and door component but if you don’t know about it, it can catch you out. Best is probably to make sure you don’t leave ungrouped geometry before moving on to the next object.