Groups gluing by default

Does anyone know why when I group something in my model, the group defaults to glue to an axis?


I would like to move these planters upward. Each of the planters in this group is a group itself - 5 groups within 1 group. When I press the up arrow on my keyboard, they do not move upward, as you can see in the image. This issue is happening to every group within my model. The only workaround I found was to explode each group and make it a component, ensuring “Glue to” is set to “None”. I would prefer not to do this with every group in my model though, as that could take hours to complete.

I have been using SketchUp for 11 years and have never encountered this issue. Any ideas?

That’s normal if you create the group on an ungrouped face. If you don’t want to have gluing properties, either build the component on the ground plane or group the geometry you are building it on before building the geometry for the group. Or make it a component instead so you can edit its properties and remove the gluing.

Ah, great. Thanks!

I also noticed that if I push/pull the flat surface the group is glued to, it moves the group.

FWIW, you can leverage this feature when modeling things like windows and doors. If you model them in place on an ungrouped face and create a component of the window or door, it’ll have its gluing properties automatically set.

Because I am curious now, what is the difference then between the gluing a component/group and locking to an axis in the Dynamic Components properties box? It seems to me that Dynamic Components give you more options and customization to work with without permanently “locking yourself into” a set of parameters. What are your thoughts?

Also, is there a way to unglue a group or component if you accidentally glue it when creating it?

Gluing is probably more appropriate for components such as windows, doors, kitchen sinks, etc. It makes it easy to place a component onto a face in the model. If you set the kitchen sink component to only glue to horizontal surfaces, it won’t end up on a wall when you put it in. Components can also have hole cutting properties so a window will cut through the face it’s placed on. (they can only cut through single faces, though, so a wall with thickness won’t get cut through. These are properties that aren’t set as part of a DC’s properties but could be included when making the component at the start.

You can edit a component and remove the gluing by selecting it in the Components panel and clicking on the Edit tab. There is no such option for groups, though. It’s probably possible to remove the properties via some sort of script but most likely it would be faster to explode and remake the group after you’ve moved it away from the rest of the model. Or just avoid making groups that have gluing properties in the first place.


Wow, this is brilliant! Thank you for the detailed descriptions.


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