Unglue many groups at once

If I made many groups and eventually realized they are all glued to a face, I cannot just select them all and do “Unglue”, because it only works with one selected group entity at a time. If I want to bulk unglue all selected groups from a face, can I do this with some simple Ruby script? Could you guys help me out?
Thank you

Groups? Or components? This would be simple enough with components using the Replace Selected option.

I mostly have groups, but it happened to me with components too. How would you use the replace selected option? Do you mean replacing the glued instance with a non-glued instance of a component?

Yes. That’s what I mean.

That’s probably the most thorough and quickest method of doing it for a selection of glued-to components.

I thought that it wasn’t possible to give the Glue To property to a group, and still can’t see how to do it directly.

But if I make a Component Glue to Any, glue it to a face, then make a copy and explode it, then remake it into a group not a component, it stays glued, and a R-click still has an active option to Unglue. And I can’t move it off the plane of the face, even if I move it beyond the outside edges of the face.

If I make an unmodified copy of the group, and select it, Entity Info confirms that there are 2 copies of the Solid Group in the model, but the copy does NOT have the glue to property. I can move it anywhere, on or off the face, and it doesn’t glue to anything.

For a Component you could go into the Component Browser, select the Component Definition there, choose the Edit tab, and change the Glue To option to ‘None’. I thought that would unglue ALL the instances, not just selected ones. but for existing instances, it doesn’t unglue them at all, whether selected or unselected.

New copies of the edited component won’t glue, however.

If you create geometry on a face with a loop on that face and select that geometry, then you can make it into a group that is glued to the face.
So starting from on face and a loop on face makes it possible to directly create a glued to group.

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I learn something new about SU almost every day on this forum.

Though I very rarely use Groups in my workflow, I’m interested to know that they can have a glue to property at all.

You can even manipulate (change) its axes (while editing the group) as long as red and green stay on face.
Although I’m not recommending glued to groups either. Components are more in favor.

And that I didn’t know either. I quite often use Change Axes on components, and didn’t think that was possible for a group through the UI either.