"Glue" object to another without plugin

By chance I discovered a hidden native feature in SketchUp that helps us “glue” an object to another without using a plugin. Guess how I did?

Don’t know how you did it. But I do know (as you do?) that components can be glued to faces (entities in objects) like being glued to faces in the current context. You just get the component (with ‘Glue to’ property from the in model component library.

p.s. This inside object’s face can even be one (or more) levels deeper, so in nested groups or components.


My guess would be that you grouped the bench with an imported image, as the import image settings automatically glue the image to a given surface with a small offset.

However… You have re-invented the wheel as this work around is unnecessary. Any component can easily be set to glue to any surface without plugins, either when initially created, or by editing it’s properties in the component window.


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I don’t know either. Watched on my iPad so can’t try it. :frowning:

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And of course you can add [or change] that ‘gluing’ property for any component definition by editing its properties in the component-browser > model tab.
Any new instances of that component will then have that ‘gluing’ property…

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… on faces in current drawing level as well as in (nested) objects.

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Yeah, I know that feature, but I could do similar with any group, not only components.

Here is how I did. :laughing: