Just got the 2023 version and its suddenly not snapping heeeeelp

I´ve been working on a large model but I have everything close to the axis and keeping it as simple as possible, and suddenly I can´t move objects to the exact point that I want. It only snaps on some points, like on the same horizontal axis but not on the blue one. Please heeeeeelp

Attach your model for a complete answer.
But my guess is the stair has glueing properties set. Right click on it and see if you have the option to Unglue.

It worked!! Thanks. Do you have any idea how I may have glued it? Does it happen automatically when you make a component? I´ve never had this problem with older versions

Nothing has changed with the glueing option, it has always been there as a check mark in the component dialog. There are certain situations where it wii assume you want it to be glued and you need to untick it. Not near a computer just now so can’t be specific as to what they are.

Here’s a simple example.
If the geometry is ‘unattached’, as in the first single square, then the component doesn’t automatically offer glue to, But if the geometry is part of another face it will think you want it stuck to that face and will offer both Glue to and Cut opening.
The third option I show here is basically the same but the new geometry is outside the context of the group and so behaves the same as the first single square.

So always check what is being offered when you make a component.


Thank you so much for your help, you saved me hours of exasperation and distress. May God, the angels, universe or whatever you believe in, bless you forever. xoxo

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