Snapping to blue only?

Hi, can anyone help with this, only snapping to blue axis & very often no axis snapping at all? Have had this problem forever on 3 different machines… I’m sure it’s user configuration error… as usual.

I’m not sure what you are showing in the video but a common reason for not being able to move in a certain direction is that the object has gluing properties set. If you right click on it is there an option to Unglue?

Hi Dave, no, glue options not highlighted as a group. Nothing in my model including a single plane will snap. Have had this problem for years but just save & restart to set axis snap back. Its happening every 20mins now ?

Hi Neil,

Weird. I’ve never had that happen unless I created a glued object or got one that someone else had set up with gluing.

Can you share an example file that does it?

I’m pretty sure its not the model but something my end, the only this is, its happened on every S.U version on 3 machines so definately weird…

TWIN HOUSE.skp (1.8 MB)

That is definitely weird.

What happens if you reduce the angle of view a bit?

I can move the groups vertically with no trouble.

Have restarted S.U so all back to normal, I’ll give it 20 mins or so & it will happen again… always does?

Maybe it’s a sign you need to go out to the shop for a little while. :wink:

I’m wondering if my years old files are carrying a bug over? I’ve ran checkup but all good… apparently…

Actually, I do need milk!


I suppose it’s possible. Not sure how something like this would be carried in the .skp file but I’ve seen other things over the years. I doubt CheckUp would identify something like this. Wouldn’t hurt to go to the Nvidia site and get the latest graphics drivers for your card.

Did that yesterday! Oh well, restarting not the worst thing in life. Cheers Dave.

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Just thinking aloud while looking at your model.
Do you always work with the Field of view set to 66?
Perhaps it is something in your template that runs amok? Do you use the same template all the time and on the other machines where you see the issue? Have you tried using a different one?
Does it coincide with your autosave?

Ironically, I had the same thought. It occurred to me that I have been using the same template across every version for more years than I care to remember… which I assume isn’t unusual. I have now set up a new template & so far all good! Thanks Box.