Move not seeming to snap correctly using inference

Dear Sketchup Folk,

Got a small issue here, which I though I’d ask rather than getting too frustrated. I’ve come upon this issue before, but never figured out if I’m doing something wrong. I think other times I’ve re drawn the thing and… well … tbh I can’t remember if redrawing works all the time. Anyway… Please could you look at the attached model and see if you can easily move the handle to the face of the door. It’s a model from the warehouse, and I’m just moving the handles to fit my needs… I’ve drawn a little line to follow/snap to but no luck for me today.

But… if I copy (ctrl) move the handle it behaves exactly as expected and snaps/follows the line. Of course this is the work around, but can anyone tell me why it has to be copied to work properly?

Maybe it behaves for you… maybe not?

Thanks in advance,

Ianmove handle.skp (130.7 KB)

Burrow into the component until you can select the handle. Right click on it and choose Unglue. You should then be able to move it in any direction. You might find it easier to work on the model if you didn’t have the camera set for such a short focal length.

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Thanks again DaveR

(Yeah the field of view was copied over from the full model I’m working on.)

As Dave points out, it is a Glue To component and when you brought it in you probably placed it on the wrong face to begin with. If you had hit the correct face straight away to would have glue to it and you would have been happy.
Glue tos are good when done correctly because they will move with the base component.
Ungluing should only be needed when you really want to move it to another axis.

I don’t remember tbh if I rotated it after I had loaded it into my model. You’re probably right though…

I would to have had to rotate it to get it placed in the wrong face, correct?

Another question regarding this, whether I had or had not rotated it to place it into a wall, the axis within this model I imported would have been the same? Or did the axis default to my own model axis the instant I imported it?

No, you didn’t rotate it. If you look you will see it is aligned with the face of the other door. So it has glued to that face which is on the same axis but not the same plane.

Thanks, I don’t use gluing much, but I’ll be swotting up on it after this :wink: